Zoodles Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 (650) 427-9873

  2. Alternative:

  3. Head Office Location: 200 W Evelyn Ave, Suite #110 Mountain View, CA 94041, United States
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  5. Send Message at: support@zoodles.com.
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What is Zoodles in the Process of?

Zoodles is a computer application that was made for small children to use computer and related devices to learn new things. It was designed specially for small children to help them in learning new things like reading story books, watching cartoon videos, playing video games, make drawings using art studio and they are given content according to their age. The idea of developing Zoodles came from when its founder watched his own 4 year old daughter Abbie, struggling to use the computer. He after discussing with several parents decided to develop a computer application specially for children which will help them in using computer and make computer to help the kids to learn.

Fax Number of Zoodles

Besides these mediums Zoodles has also a fax number, from which the customers can also get help.