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  1. Call at (866) 442-7873

  2. Head Office Location: Westinghouse Electric Corporation c/o Westinghouse Customer Service 20 Stanwix Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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  4. Send Message at: info@westinghousesecurity.com,.
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What is Westinghouse Corporation in the Process of?

Westinghouse Corporation is categorized in the Oil and Energy industry, it is a public type corporation which came into existence in the year 1886. with the long traditional experience Westinghouse Corporation as helps internationally passed all the way through a series of diversions from the aperture period like in the year of 1995, CBS obtained the utmost share of the corporation, after some era it was BNFL which stands for British Nuclear Fuels Limited had used the brand name of the corporation to run the commerce venture and in the year of 2008, it was globes prominent Mega corporation namely Toshiba.

Westinghouse Corporation mostly deals in industrialized and bringing the electromagnetism in USA by industrialized generators, motors, etc. Used in creating and supplying of electrical energy across the United States with the complete shore up and commitment of the employees members that were acknowledged to be the engineers of the Globe in terms of producing the electromagnetism for illustration:
  • Oliver B. Shallenberger
  • Benjamin Garver Lamme
  • William Stanley
  • Vladimir Zworykin and more
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