Verizon CA Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 1-800-837-4966

  2. Head Office Location: Long Beach, Seal Beach Lakewood, Norwalk
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What is Verizon CA in the Process of?

Verizon CA is a Verizon functioning industry which delivers telephone service in Gte areas. Verizon CA company has been emerged in 1929. Verizon CA contains Southern California area. Verizon CA telecommunication industry was the dominating telephone service operator agency across the USA. In the year 1926, GTE moved into California by obtaining the organized telecommunication industry.

Verizon CA Complaints and Reviews

Ms. Cherie Kelsey: I cannot get my phone activated. I have tried everything. I have paid for the phone and the first month service. I cannot register because I do not have Verizon network installed on my phone. I bought this phone on line and have my sales slip with all the numbers on it, but no one will help me. I have a home page on the phone, but that is all. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, live alone and I told the seller all of this and she promised the phone will work, I have not had a working phone since October 30th of this year. If anything were to happen to me I would not be able to get help. I do not know what else to do. I am 73 years old and need the phone I have paid for. Please help me Thank you.Nov 04, 2018