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  1. Call at +1(914)-345-2255

  2. 100 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 100, Valhalla, New York 10595, United States of America
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DENMARK, FINLAND, ICELAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN and FARDE ISLANDS is furnished by: TurtleBeach@nordicgamesupply.com

NEW ZEALAND is furnished by Fiveight: info@fiveight.co.nz

MEXICO, CHILE is furnished by Juegos de Video Latinoamérica (JVLat): st.jvchile@jvlat.com

BRAZIL is furnished by HG Digital.
Phone: (11) 3868-2658 / (11) 3862-2516


Turtle Beach is the America based corporation electronic corporation which manufactures boundless array of sound cards, headset and further correlated equipments. this develops varied kinds audio commodities for consumer and mercantile market. Its corporeal head-office is set-up in Valhalla, New York, America and laysout outstanding audio components for desktops, Mobile devices, video game consoles.

Under business HyperSound , the Turtle Beach provides breakthrough directed audio resolutions.