Ritaj Abu Dhabi Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 02 6333097

  2. Alternative: 02-6310036

  3. Additional: 055-7723449

  4. Head Office Location: E3-01 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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What is Ritaj Abu Dhabi in the Process of?

The globes famous and most prestigious restaurant known as Ritaj Abu Dhabi, prevails astonishing appearance throughout the globe and build close relation with noteworthy clients. Ritaj Abu Dhabi is deemed one of the adorable and fabulous restaurant with over hundred branches all over the globe. Ritaj Abu Dhabi is striven to building and disseminating Ritaj Abu Dhabi position to being the largest and the great diverse tasty restaurant and introduces shipment. The marketplace for shipment or sell spiced food is progression from the cultural high fried fat meals and foods against spiced food that contains rapid hygienic and healthy ingredients rendering to maximize judicious customers. As of now, Ritaj Abu Dhabi is being the path serving with well being Pro and furnishing nutrition values.