Ray Ban Canada Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 800-343-5594

  2. Alternative: (866-472-9226)

  3. Head Office Location: 5711 Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles, CA 91411 United States
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  5. Send Message at: supportnorway@shop.ray-ban.com.
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What is Ray Ban Canada in the Process of?

Ray Ban is a one of the leading and outstanding eye wear brand through out the world, that is emerged by an American monopolize industry namely known as Bausch & Lomb that is leading industry of Mediacal instruments Pharmaceuticals and supplies. Bausch & Lomb company was emerged by two persons namely John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb and they where dealing with the business of financier and optician Henry lomb was a financier as well as John Jacob Bausch, was a Optician and the industry was enforced in the year 1853. As per the emergence of brand Ray Ban it was developed in the year 1937, this brand is also famous of its aviator and wayfarer specs fashions, and the legitimate center of operation of the ray ban association is located at Rochester, New york, USA.

In addition to this the Ray Ban brand was enforced by the requisition of some US Army Air pilots they reported to the Bausch & Lomb to make some kind of product that will benefit them and save them from the immense light and high altitude effects as well as they get some kind of headache and sickness in the sky Due to high intensity of light, and on that purpose the Bausch & Lomb has manufactured a brand of sunglasses that was known as Ray Ban. Besides to this the ray ban industry has introduced a new version of aviator that was commonly known as the Outdoorsman, that was featured and benefited for the hunting, fishing, shooting and much more activities.