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  1. Inquires: 1(405) 253-2038

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  3. Head Office Location: NE 10th Street Suite 242, Oklahoma City, United States
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What is Quibids Contact in the Process of?

QuiBids.com is marketed as QuiBids, a U. S. based online bidding platform where all members pay a fee to place their small incremental bids. Quibids company is affiliated by the Better Business Bureau and organizes bids on Warehouse products, manufacturers stock, wholesale stock, warehouse closeouts, overstock surpluses etc. QuiBids is the prominent bidding fee auction website also known as penny auction.

Quibids Contact Complaints and Reviews

Mr. Jeremy Manns: Hello,

I am messaging back again. Noone has ever contacted me. I contacted earlier in regards to a purchase that was made by accident. I signed up for service earlier by accident not knowing what I was doing. I was under the understanding that I was receiving complimentary service. Speaking as in like three bids. Whenever I put my information in I was charged $50. 00 and I saw nothing of this charge ahead of time. I am not interesting in such and I would like a refund and it placed back in my account. Could you please see that this is taken care of and a. S. A. P. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank You
Jeremy Manns
lexguy77@gmail.com.Dec 06, 2018