Qatar Airways Abu Dhabi Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 974 4420 3015

  2. Alternative: +971 2505 2780

  3. Additional: +971 2575 7703

  4. Head Office Location: Villa 67, Khalidiya Area Junction of Hamdan Bin Mohamed and 26th Streets, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Phone Number:+971 2505 2780
Fax: +971 2575 7703

Basic Overview
Qatar Airways, which was founded on 22nd November 1993, is a flag carrier of Qatar that is owned by the state. It commenced its operations from January 20, 1994. Qatar Airways is headquartered in Qatar Airways Towers, Doha, Qatar. The employees of the company are more than 43,000 in number. More than 150 destinations are served by Qatar Airways by its fleet of 180 aircraft. Qatar Airways also provides luxurious travel facilities to its customers. The airline has also won various awards.

What is Qatar Airways Abu Dhabi in the Process of?

Qatar Airways is commanding air travel of Qatar with its major interest point is at Doha pervasive Terminal and this renders healthy relation and excellent plane resolutions to over 80 universal locations over planet. Qatar Airways renders assistance in 3 classes, 1st Class and business Class and economic Class Category. Qatar Airways has shown an explosion (close to 35%) year-on-year. Qatar Airways was at 1st possessed by associates of Qatar's exquisite family; Qatar Airways was re-launched in season 1997 advancing by a new supervision unit. Qatar Airways class was assured as astounding in Globe two successive decades-2009.