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What is the Nokia Australia Customer Service Number to Call at?: Call Nokia Australia at 1300366733 / 0292740888 for any service support.

Where is Nokia Australia Head Office Located at?: The corporate office of Nokia Australia is located at Level 21, 1 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
Directions For Driving: The gievn driving directions path of Nokia Australia from your place to Level 21, 1 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

What is the Website of Nokia Australia? is the Web portal of Nokia Australia.

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A Brief Overview About Nokia

Nokia is the world leading multinational corporation that was incorporated in 1865. The company is widely recognized as one of the worlds’s trusted information technology and consumer electronic goods company. Headquartered at Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland the company is operating in over hundred countries and has huge workforce of 101,000 employees that works for the company in different parts of the world. Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, Eduard Polón are the founders of the enterprise.

Nokia Technical Support Australia Contact Number 1800 1028 169
Nokia Australia Head Office Phone Number +1 408 737 0900
Nokia Helpline Number Australia +1 888-665-4228
Nokia Australia Media contacts: +358 10 448 4900
Nokia Australia Patent licensing: +358 10 44 81 002
Nokia, Australia foreign business locations of Nokia. this is a global Mobile communications corporation which was organized on dated 1865 under information of Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin. Company’s merchandise is recorded on New York merchandise Exchange with shares manufacturing under badge NOK. Nokia ranked at 274th position in fortune 500 record of organizations on dated 2013. head department of corporation is set-up in Espoo, Finland. Nokia monitors under the Microsoft Corporation since 2013.

Nokia business Unites and pervasive presence

Nokia is structure its business into three elements namely-network framework software, hardware and assistance. this is a pervasive corporation that monitors in 150 nations over Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. As of 2013, corporation beared beyond 90,981 workers.

Nokia commodities and Services

The commodities and assistance advice by corporation are clients, applications, advisory and systems assimilation, deployment and preservation assistance, cell phones and smartphones, handled assistance, local commerce assistance and mart assistance. corporation markets its commodities by retail outlets, direct Sales Force and on-line system.

The corporation has subdivision like HERE, Nokia Networks and Nokia Technologies. this is receiver of Comet Innovation Awards, CTIA surfacing Technology Award and GSMA pervasive Mobile Award.

Nokia Australia Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Anita CallsOct 25, 2016

Ms. Anita On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have been trying for the past two days to obtain technical support in relation to my Nokia Lumia mobile phone - I have rung the 1300 number however no-one can help me there (this number is a Microsoft support number and I get put through to someone from overseas. They try to assist by getting the right number for me, however it is the 1300 number I originally rang). I have made several Google searches to obtain information to fix my problem however nothing suggested works. I have a 520 personal mobile and recently obtained a 640 for work. I had the both sitting near each other on my desk and without me doing anything, my personal contacts had gone over to my work phone. I did not want this as I only want work contacts in my work phone so I deleted the personal contacts. When I got home I had both phones near each other on the kitchen bench - the next morning all my personal contacts had gone from my personal mobile. I would very much like to retrieve my personal contacts please.

Customer care male
Mr. Casey CallsOct 17, 2016

Mr. Casey On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi i want to transfer my c3 data to a android how can i do that?.

Customer care male
Mr. Rob CallsOct 13, 2016

Mr. Rob On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I needed to speak to a person not told to go to a site. My enquiry is can my Nokia Lumia 630 phone be converted to android five (lollipop or higher to use the smartphone link display audio in my new car?.

Customer care female
Ms. Marilyn Jackson CallsSep 18, 2016

Ms. Marilyn Jackson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Is it possible to track my Nokia 1020 if I have not activated the app
It has been stolen or lost (we think stolen).

Customer care male
Mr. Alistair Bennett CallsSep 17, 2016

Mr. Alistair Bennett On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia E5-00 phone and the charger has broken. I need to get a new charger. I went to JB Hi-Fi and another shop and they said that chargers for this type of phone are no longer available. What can I do?.

Customer care male
Mr. Joseph Farrelly CallsSep 14, 2016

Mr. Joseph Farrelly On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia 208 purchased from Telstra and I never use the internet, but now I cannot use the email I receive emails, but I cannot open them as the following
message appears "Cannot download the message not enough space available" I contacted telstra they said it is a Nokia problem hope you can help my phone number is 0419650912.

Customer care male
Mr. Howard Moore CallsAug 17, 2016

Mr. Howard Moore On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
The number you have listed 0292740888 is disconnected. The number 1300366733 for Australia is overseas somewhere and at 09:50 local time says that it is "Out of hours" and then hangs up. Not very good "Customer Care" is it.

Customer care male
Mr. Laurence CallsAug 05, 2016

Mr. Laurence On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I am trying to buy a Nokia n95 8gb its old, but i am still wanting one. Can you please help me.

Customer care female
Ms. Ann Brown CallsJul 06, 2016

Ms. Ann Brown On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi i have a Nokia C2-01 and want to know how to fix the following. I will tell you what i am trying to do. Settings. Tones. Ringing tone. Right click open gallery. Scroll down to memory card. Open. Scrolldown to music. Pick BeeGee(i downloaded from my laptop. Open. Scroll down to pick the song i want. Click NOT ALLOWED BY ACTIVATION KEY. How can i pick the song i want from the Bee Gees as my ringtone. It just wont let me thank you
P. S. Sorry, but i am a 71 year old lady and not real computer or phone literate. I have taken the phone to both a telstra and optus shop and neither can fix it. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Les CallsJun 27, 2016

Mr. Les On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I need an access control code for model 208. four where do I get it, I've tried ring the number, but get options for everything but.

Customer care female
Ms. Melinda Brooks CallsJun 21, 2016

Ms. Melinda Brooks On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi there

I am trying to upload photos from the memory of my Nokia 6500 phone to the pc. It keeps asking for seclect mode which i do. Should I select Nokia mode or printing and mediat or data storage please. Whichever I select it is not recognized by windows and the phone just returns to home and bleeps at me. I also need to store messages and folders from the phone memory and SIM card as well to the pc. Please advise what I need to do to have these two items actioned?

Kind regards ~Melinda Brooks .

Customer care male
Mr. Lee-ann CallsJun 12, 2016

Mr. Lee-ann On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hello, I have a Nokia Lumina 630 which keeps coming up with the message no SIM and also emergency calls only. Please advise how to fix this. I understand it could be a software problem.

Customer care female
Ms. Dorothea CallsJun 08, 2016

Ms. Dorothea On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Lumia 520 that has stuck in flight mode, can you please advise how to resume normal operation?

I have tried reset, turn off/on, take out sim/battery and return. Thanks

Dorothea .

Customer care female
Ms. Janine CallsJun 03, 2016

Ms. Janine On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi I dropped my Nokia N9 and now the screen is cracked and blacked out. The volume sounds still work and charge light flashes, aswell as the startup tune. The computer recognises the device when connected to the computer, although I cannot access files. I have PC Suite on my computer, which is not allowing access to the device either, as it is in "transfer mode", which is asking to have this turned off to access the device. I cannot change any connection settings on my phone to access "mass storage", as the screen is cracked. I have searched numerous blog sites to resolve this issue, with no success. Is there anyway possible to change this to be able to access my photos?.

Customer care female
Ms. Vicki CallsJun 01, 2016

Ms. Vicki On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia 106. My number is 0400430194. I have hearing problems so
I would like you to answer the following question via email. How can I increase the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail?

Thank you,
Vicki .

Customer care male
Mr. Peter Yalden CallsJun 01, 2016

Mr. Peter Yalden On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Dear sirs, could you please tell me if my Nokia 206 dual SIM is compatible to three and four G network.

Customer care male
Mr. Allan Tonkin CallsMay 31, 2016

Mr. Allan Tonkin On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hello, I am in search of a battery for my 7250i which I sill use. Can you tell me where I can get a Li-Ion 3. 7v 1050 mah from please or if you are able to supply, and if so how much. Thank you
Allan Tonkin .

Customer care male
Mr. Michael Stevens CallsMay 09, 2016

Mr. Michael Stevens On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I called 1300 366 733 and it rang once and after 20 seconds went to engaged. Is it the crrent nmber for service enqiries?
The other nmnber listed gave a message that it was not connected. This field does not allow all letters to be typed in. Expect better.

Customer care male
Mr. Colin Cox CallsMar 14, 2016

Mr. Colin Cox On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I am trying to purchase a C301 and can only get second hand ones in the uk, I was wondering if I can get a new one from you guys.

Customer care female
Ms. Kirsty CallsJan 18, 2016

Ms. Kirsty On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Oh gee thanks very much Microsoft Ever since you took over Nokia, you have rendered most applications on non-windows mobile phones utterly useless Now I just have a phone with a camera, and that is all I can use Google and the internet, yes, but certainly can not use my Facebook application. Can't even update the phone Nokia N8, so it's not really that old (just over four years). I can not even get the licenses for my music through spotify, as Opera is very very limited with the apps one can download (very sad selection indeed). Meh.

Customer care male
Mr. Ezatullah Rahimi CallsDec 22, 2015

Mr. Ezatullah Rahimi On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Subject Restricted

Message Hi there

my name is Ezatullah and I brought a Nokia 6300 from Afghanistan to Australia with me. I was using this Nokia in Afghanistan and Pakistan there was restriction on the phone like locked sort of things
when I came to Australia and trying use it again, but the phone showing me a restricted massage when I try to put SIM card in it
I am using Lyca Mobile SIM card
Then I contacted the service provider and they told me that Nokia 6300 is locked I know its not locked to any network
So could you please give me some solution for this issue
IMEI 352939026242183
MAKE Nokia
MODEL 6300

please contact me anytime on +61 470 369 592

Thank you

Your Sincerely

Ezatullah Rahimi
Ph: +61 470 369 592
Send Email Back.

Customer care female
Ms. Carolyn Groom CallsDec 03, 2015

Ms. Carolyn Groom On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia Lumia 630 that was given to me for my birthday last December 30. I am so disappointed that the on off button is no longer working making my phone useless. My phone is vital for my work and I do not believe that less than one years use is at all okay. Could someone please let me know what my options are. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Graham CallsNov 13, 2015

Mr. Graham On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I purchased a Nokia Lumia 530 in early August 2015, and lost it in early October. I wondering if Aldi mobile would have a record of what that phone's IMEI number is? I no longer have the box I bought the phone in. I have transferred my 0409 449409 number to a new phone. Thank you Graham Walker.

Customer care female
Ms. Sandy Desira CallsOct 02, 2015

Ms. Sandy Desira On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
My Nokia300 has big problems with touch screen. I can not unlock phone, I can not reliably use any of the touch functions eg set alarm, shortcuts or unlock phone. Number is 0428 707 137, my name is Sandy Desira . Phone is not even two years old.

Customer care male
Mr. Eric Haering CallsSep 30, 2015

Mr. Eric Haering On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi. My Nokia C7-00 cannot cannot e-mail so it is time to upgrade. The following are the C7-00 phone features which I enjoy and find very easy to use:1. Contacts - assign individual ring tone, assign photo, sync with Nokia Maps, voice dial. 2. Maps. 3. Music Player - stereo Bluetooth. 4. Calendar. 5. Profiles. 6. Wi-Fi. 7. Torch. 8. Camera 8MP. 9. Assign song as ring tone. 10. Internet. 11. Expandable memory via 64G micro-XD card. 12. USB stick via adapter cable. 13. Video phone calling. 14. Call holding. 15. Quick Office. If you could, please advise as to which Nokia phone has/phones have the above with Skype video calling, e-mail, and a screen approximately 3. five inches tall. I live in Queensland and Toowoomba 4350 is the closest regional city to me, so if you could please advise where I could inspect and purchase your recommended phone from, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards. Eric. Ph: 0418809391e-mail:

Customer care female
Ms. Robyn Thompson CallsSep 19, 2015

Ms. Robyn Thompson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
My Nokia phone is locked to the optus network and they can not unlock it. It was bought on a long expired post paid plan. Can you unlock this phone? I am in Brisbane Queensland. The phone was bought in Townsville. Error "Sim not valid" It works with an optus SIM. Imei: 356382/02/332961/0model: 1208Type:rh-105.

Customer care male
Mr. Richard Tomlinson CallsJul 02, 2015

Mr. Richard Tomlinson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I bought a phone from Harvey Norman West Perth, took it home, inserted sim/battery and when trying to clip the phone back together, the glass cracked at top centre where there is a small square hole, rendering phone inoperable. Returned to store within 1/2 hour and was told no chance of refund from HN. Suppliers contacted and also NO (physical damage) - yes, there was 'physical damage' - the phone BROKE

When I asked the sales rep if this was a common problem, he told me he'd never experienced it. And yet, Harvey N is not prepared to back the quality of the goods it sells. They called the Nokia suppliers who also say nothing can be done. Nokia as well then seem to think they can sell defective products with no guarantee)

this is not good enough and i shall be pushing this issue as far and as high as i can go


Customer care male
Mr. Eric CallsMay 23, 2015

I bought Lumia 830 from an online shop called Android Enjoyed on Feb, 2015, but had to send it back to Hong Kong for a warranty claim after the camera had stopped working. They promised the repair would take two to three weeks, but after seven weeks now, I still haven't got my phone back. Every time when I contacted them asking for the status of my phone, they always had the same response saying mine is being repaired. Is there anyway Nokia Australia can intervene? Apparently, there has been some similar cases found in here - http://www. Au/p/android-enjoyed. HtmlThanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Johnson CallsApr 22, 2015

Mr. Johnson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
HI :i bought this mobile phone Nokia 1209 from a shop. And i stored it for a while at home and yesterday i tried to use it and switch it on and it was asking for a security code. I tried entering 1234, 0000, or 12345, but they were all refused and i cant use the phone. Can you help?how do we fix this so i can use the phone?please let me know.

Customer care male
Mr. Kevin Watson CallsMar 30, 2015

Mr. Kevin Watson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Attempts to unlock 7230 from Optus using their code has failed, but has not locked phone up set to factory setting, but still no joy Bought from Harvey Norman locked to Optus in 2011 approx. Can you help regards Kev.

Customer care male
Mr. Kevin Smith CallsMar 19, 2015

Mr. Kevin Smith On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hello, this is not a complaint I just want to know where I can buy a Nokia Asha 300 touch and type mobile phone or something much the same type of phone. I had a nokia asha for years I dropped it and it broke and I am finding it hard to buy one. As I am 65 and always used Nokia mobile phones because they are so easy to operate I am not up to standard with all the fancy type phones. I hope you can help me thank you very much.

Customer care female
Ms. Denise CallsMar 15, 2015

Ms. Denise On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
nothing it just rang out after only one ring NOT happy at all with this phone (nokia Lumia 925) need to speak to someone about this phone.

Customer care female
Ms. Kim Morris CallsMar 03, 2015

Ms. Kim Morris On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I rang and the customer service agent said he couldn't understand me, which is rubbish, I have been trying since September last year to cancel my Nokia MixRadio monthly subscription. If this is not done soon I am going to contact the Ombudsman.

Customer care male
Mr. Arthur Bajada CallsFeb 25, 2015

Mr. Arthur Bajada On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I tried calling your "Customer Service Number" three times. Each time I was hung up on Not very helpfulI have a Nokia 630 which took an upgrade last night - possibly two upgrades: Version 8. one and Nokia Denim. ? Since then my phone has reverted to the date of 14 January 2015 and the time of 3:19am (the current time in Perth is 8:33am). This is despite the phone Date Time setting being on 'set time and date automatically'. I have rebooted the phone several times including removing the battery and micro SIM. Still no change. Please help.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter CallsFeb 17, 2015

Mr. Peter On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Can receive. But can not send mms on my all new Lumia 535. Can send if i put the SIM in my old Samsung. Customer service phone call response "sorry the support team is not available after 5pm est".

Customer care female
Ms. Eileen Riley CallsJan 25, 2015

Ms. Eileen Riley On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia C2-01 mobile phone. Without warning, I am no longer able to access my emails from my phone. How can this be fixed. I am getting a screen which says that access is no longer available from this phone. How can that be. Please advise. Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. Jina CallsJan 23, 2015

Ms. Jina On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I just recently in December purchased a530 Nokia Lumia from the good guys post box 2200, extremely disappointed with it, as we were taking it out of the box it fell, the screen chattered immediately, we were told it's not covered by warranty, we fixed it costed us $100, than as we were taking the battery out to insert the sim, can you imagine one of the teeth where you place the sim broke off, now it can't be used after i also bought screen protectors and a case for it. This is a very bad quality phone very angry as just threw about $300 down the drain. By the way is that at all covered or can we do anything about it. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Philip Nemec CallsJan 22, 2015

Ms. Philip Nemec On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I am starting the business Aussie unlocked mobiles and want to know the wholesale price of the Nokia 635 locked to Telstra and unlocked as well. Thank you

Customer care male
Mr. Son Do CallsDec 08, 2014

Mr. Son Do On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I purchased Nokia Lumia 735 from Dick Smith online and collected it at Dick Smith - Southland Shipping Centre. A copy of payment receipt will be provided if required. I have filled in the claim form using "Click and Collect" number which shown on the Dick Smith invoice and submitted online via this linkwww. Au/mobile-phones/20020-buy-Lumia-redeem-your-free-gift-card-upt-$100-coles-myer-group. Html. But it said "Sorry, you weren’t able to register". I have tried many times,, but did not get through. I have heard that this problem also happens with other customers. Please advise how I should do in order to receive the $100 gift card as per your promotion. Your prompt response is highly appreciated. CheersSonDo.

Customer care male
Mr. Raymond Lawson CallsDec 04, 2014

Mr. Raymond Lawson On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
My complaint is about the Nokia 301. I purchased the phone around the 27th /9th/2014, from optus as a prepaid phone. Well up until today's date 4/12/14. It has had to send away to be fixed twice, the first wouldn't talked power charge, so it was replaced after been tested. Not even 2wks on with the 301, replacement, its stop pick up reception, wont send texts at all, etc. It was sent away, got it bak yesterday, they say they tested it for three hrs and that nothing is wrong with it. Well last night while on the web all of a sudden it just switches it self off. How is that i get two in a row, real lemons. Id like Nokia to look into this matter or i shall make a Nokia purchase again. This phone was to up grade fr my Nokia 2730,, but its just been one long night mare.

Customer care male
Mr. Doug CallsNov 13, 2014

Mr. Doug On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I have a Nokia E72 keeps coming up with " Disk full automatic retrieval of mail box. Mail for exch disabled"
tried all things I found on the net, but to no avail - I do not email or keep message's on this phone -can you tell me how fix this please VERY layman's term please.

Customer care female
Ms. Lynda Harmer CallsNov 18, 2013

Ms. Lynda Harmer On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I bought a nokia earlier this year. Within a few months the onoff button was not responding so i took it back to the store i purchased it from where they said they would need to send it off for repairs and would take two weeks. After two weeks of hearing nothing we again approached the store who looked into the whereabouts of the phone. It ended you taking another weeks to get the phone back. Now a few months later again, The phone is not responding i cannot see if it has charged and i cannot turn the phone on. Again, I have taken it back to the store i bought it from and they are needing to send it off again. At what point will you issue a customer with a new not refurbished phone.

Customer care female
Ms. gilly CallsSep 05, 2013

Ms. gilly On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
My Nokia alumina camera makes all the pictures green, this just happened, it has been fine before today. Not sure what to do, help please :-) are you kidding, my problem is to short?

Customer care male
Mr. JohnG CallsAug 17, 2013

Mr. JohnG On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
Hi Team,

This morning (17/8/13) I loaded a Nokia update onto my Lumia 620. This was done via my wireless connection to ADSL as the prompts advised that this was a large download.
Following the download I have had no transmission or reception on my Lumia 620 phone, text works fine.

Have tried powering off the phone and checked settings. All appears OK. Now this evening I discovered that I can initiate and receive calls via my cars bluetooth.

Help please.

John Green

Customer care female
Ms. SHINY JOSSY CallsAug 08, 2013

Ms. SHINY JOSSY On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
hi my name is shiny jossy bought a mobile phone COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO nokia 311 .CANNOT CHARGING the battery could you please give me a response on my mail

Customer care male
Mr. Tom CallsJul 01, 2013

Mr. Tom On Phone To Nokia Australia Service
I wish to completely disable internet access on my young son's recently purchased Nokia c2-01. The "When needed" setting is not satisfactory. How do I prevent internet access from his phone