Gain Detergent Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1-800-888-4246

  2. Alternative: +1-877-616-2392

  3. Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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A Brief Overview About The Gain Detergent

Gain is the leading detergent brand introduced by the Proctor and Gamble in 1969 as a powerful stain remover detergent later on the company added more features in the detergent like unique and fresh fragrance. Gain is one of the most selling detergents in United States and offers the different kinds of aroma based detergents in both liquid and powder form. Gain also comes with ideal dish washing liquids with different fragrances.

Gain Detergent for common Support

You can get support from gain detergent
Phone Number: +1-877-616-2392

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For service related information call at
Phone Number: 513-983-1100

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For any assistance call officials at:
Phone Number: 800-543-7270

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Gain Detergent eminent marques of Procter and Gamble Company (P and G). marque was launched as a stain-removing detergent on dated of 1969. With ratification of time, corporation broadened business perimeters on dated of 1981 by presenting scent under this marque.

Gain Products

Procter and Gamble corporation (P and G) renders outstanding toiletries like, dryer sheets, dryer bars, cloth softener, and in-wash scent booster under marque name “Gain”.