Farberware Cutlery Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 212-863-8000

  2. Alternative: +1 781-455-8884

  3. 16 E. 34th Street, 9th Floor, New York NY 10016-4328, United States
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  5. Send Message:custserv@farberware.com.
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Customer convenience number: +1 781-455-8884
Cookware : 800.809.7166
Cutlery : 800.252.3390
Dinnerware : 800.252.3390
Enamel Tea Kettles / Coffee equipments (Non-Electric) : 732.382.3911
Electrics (Including Percolators and Coffeemakers) : 800.231.9786
Flatware : 888.747.0475
Food Storage : 978.537.0000
Glassware : 718.418.6785
Spices : 888.747.0475
Tools and gadgets : 800.252.3390

Basic Overview
Farberware is preeminent brand engaged in selling and manufacturing kitchen accessories and cookware. The esteemed brand came into existence 118 years ago in 1900. It is regarded as trusted brand that stands for quality, worth and longevity. The brand manufactures kitchen appliances with quality material that works wonderfully and lasts for years. Farberware is the synonymous of esteem and trust that thrives for over hundred years. Farberware is pioneer in discovering path-breaking accessories that brings revolution within life-standard of people.

Farberware Cutlery is a globe broadly admitted Stainless steel kitchen gadget producing corporation in US. Farberware Cutlery Cmopany manufactures mammoth verities of Sharp tools which comprises Knives, Cutlery, and further kitchen accessory sets. Farberware Cutlery corporation was commenced on dated 1900 and corporation was inaugurated by S. W.