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  1. Call at (888) 347-1500

  2. Federation of Genealogical Societies PO Box 200940 Austin, TX 78720-0940
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  4. Send Message:office@fgs.org.
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FGS associations the genealogical society by serving genealogical societies reinforces and develops, to perform this, FGS bring out FORUM publication, filled with articles pertaining to civilization administration and genealogical information. The FGS Voice blog and the journal Voice newsletter offer time-sensitive information and FGS also issues an widespread series of civilization policy Series Papers, covering subject about successfully arrange and working a genealogical society.

More About FGS Trading

The FGS is a non income business institution was emerged in January in the year 1976 and its legitimate center of operation is situated in Austin, Texas, the corporation offers its services within the nation near about hundreds of Genealogy communities with their associates. Corporation present supportive services to its associate civilization such as analysis of regulations, newsletters, and websites, production submissions for enhancements.