Dr Jay Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1-888-437-5297

  2. Alternative: +1-858-634-5595

  3. Head Office Location: 7720, Kenamar Court Suite-C, San Diego, California 92121-2425, United States of America
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  5. Send Message at: service@DrJays.com.
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Toll Free Number: 888-437-5297
For corporeal Communications: Corporate@DrJays.com
For Marketing Help: cee@DrJays.com
To publicize on DrJays.com : Advertise@DrJays.com
Employment/Walk-in Stores: Austin@DrJays.com

Basic Overview
Dr Jay is the renowned shopping store emerged in the year of 1975 and establishes its first store in South Bronx section of New York. The shopping store started to market its goods via internet and commenced online marketing strategy in 2000. Dr Jay is pioneer in rendering urban fashion since inception and desired to continue that development on universal scale. The store offers trendy apparels and accessories for men, women, boys and girls to make their dream true to look stylish and gorgeous. Apart from this, the store offers number of facilities to build long term connection with consumers and procures return and exchange policy by which commodities can be return back if consumer find any defect.

What is Dr Jay in the Process of?

Dr Jay is a United States of America set-up retail business corporation which renders huge span of stylish commodities to both males and ladies. Dr Jay begun its business work from 1975 and embarked vending on-line business commodities from 2000.

Other phone numbers of Dr Jay

Toll Free: 888-437-5297
Phone: 858-634-5595

Contact working hours of Dr Jay
Monday to Friday: 9am to 11pm (EST)
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 7pm (EST)

Other e-mail Addresses of of Dr Jay

For Orders and common Information

For corporeal Communications

For Marketing Help

To publicize on DrJays.com

Employment/Walk-in Stores

Official Mail Address of Dr Jay
For several kinds of queries or further kinds of help, clients may write corporation engages on their Web Mail address. Web Mail address of Dr Jay is:
7720 Kenamar Court Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121-2425

Career chances advice by Dr Jay

Besides furnishing these significant commodities, Dr Jay is also furnishing job for keen candidates. For this candidates have to check their joining qualification, more of information may be effectuated from job page of Dr Jay's Website.