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  1. Call at 1 937-259-9559

  2. Columbus, OH, United States of America
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Customer convenience number: (614) 864-2444

Basic Overview
Donatos is one of the renowned pizza delivery restaurant inaugurated in 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. It is regarded as one of the fast growing restaurants exists in around nine states. Today, it serves near about two hundred location in 9 states and offers reliable facility nationwide. The famous pizza restaurant is also worked at numerous venue outlets such as Ohio Stadium, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. In addition to this, the restaurant offers diverse line of oven-baked goods, salads, chicken wings, desserts, etc.

Donatos is a restaurant where pizza is being delivered. Donatos has been embarked on dated of 1963. creator of Donatos os Jim Grote. Donatos has commenced 200 centers in six regions.