Disney World Orlando Florida Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1(407) 934-7639

  2. World Drive, Orlando, Florida, United States
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For non reservation services: 1800 812 679
Existing ticket convenience : 0800 16 90 730

Basic Overview
Disney World was discovered by the Walt and Roy Disney in 1971 in Florida. The theme park and resorts of Disney World are world famous for entertainment and amusement. The parks and resorts of Disney are constructed with wonderful creations and imaginations that attracts visitors. The staff management of the Disney World is experienced and trained for operational workouts in theme parks. The sources of fun either electronic and non-electronic are installed by professional engineers.

Disney globe, officially admitted as Walt Disney World Resort is idea park and resort set-up in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, US. this is noted one of maximun well-known resorts in globe receives millions of visitors each day. park was entrenched on 1st October, 1971 as segment of Walt Disney corporation, a reputable American mass media corporation involved in business like cable TV, pictures, broadcasting, radio assistance and web portals.

Walt Disney globe Resort is advance over an area of 42,000 acres.