Diners Club Singapore Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: (65) 6416 0800

  2. Alternative: (65) 6416 2515

  3. 7500-E Beach Road #03-201 The Plaza Singapore 199595
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  5. Send Message:csd@dinersclub.com.sg.
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Avail support, dial on: (65) 6416 2515
For extra support, dial on: (65) 6571 0128.

Basic Overview
Diners Club International, which was founded in 1950, is a charge card company that was founded by four persons namely Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider, Matty Simmons and Alfred S. Bloomingdale. The corporation has started franchise services in different parts of the world. As far as its head office is concerned, it is located in Riverwoods, Illinois, United States. The organization manages operations in more than fifty countries. The corporation offers credit card facility for entertainment and travel.

In mid-twentieth century world's eminent business tycoons by name Frank X. McNamara, Matty Simmons and Ralph Schneider laid bedrock of universally permitted megacorp Diners Club universal (DCI) also namely as Diners Club at Riverwoods, Illinois, United States of America. Usually, Diners Club is a finance set-up bureau which mainly specializes is alloting charge and Credit Cards allover planet.
Dinaers Club has come to be one of breakthrough mob which launched and disclosed significance of credit cards.