Deer Park Water Customer Service Phone Number

Deer Park Water Technical and Non Technical Customer Service Support

What is the Deer Park Water Customer Service Number to Call at?: Call Deer Park Water at 1800-288-8281 for any service support.

Where is Deer Park Water Head Office Located at?: The corporate office of Deer Park Water is located at PO Box 628, Wilkes Barre, PA, U.S.
Directions For Driving: The gievn driving directions path of Deer Park Water from your place to PO Box 628, Wilkes Barre, PA, U.S.

What is the Website of Deer Park Water? is the Web portal of Deer Park Water.

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What is Deer Park Water?
Basic Overview
Deer Park, which was introduced in 1873, is a brand that produces bottled water. The primary recipient of the brand is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Nestlé Waters is the owner of the company. The water to be packaged comes from four different states which harbor thirteen different springs of very good quality. The types of water produced by the company are Sparkling Water, Spring Water and Distilled Water. The water bottles provided by the company are available in different sizes.

Deer Park Water Spring Water corporation is a corporation which bottles natural spring water. Deer Park Spring Water corporation is a department of Nestlé and was inaugurated in 1873. corporation embarked its work in 1976. Deer Park Water commodity comprises French scintillating Water, Perrier Sparking Natural Mineral Water and much more. corporation bearing headoffice in Wilkes Barre, PA, U.S.
Deer Park Water is embedded to deliver clients with transparent clear water, accessible in conclusive wraps at convenient cost. Deer Park Water is regulating from its core position handled in America and currently provides an inclusive network with its significant commodity. although, business is facilitating diverse factors to enhance prized health of its assets and deliver radiant clinically tested water in diversified packages. Deer Park Water business is prudent in provisioning persuasive commodities consisting diverse wraps starts from 1 to 10 liter.

Deer Park Water consumer Care Support

Deer Park Water is radiant in provisioning credible support to clients and prescribes indispensable information with regard to commodities and assistance. clients from pervasive ways are privileged to contact center, able to assistance clients with legitimate support. although, clients may link consumer care delegates over subsequent subsequent numbers:
  • Phone No: dial 1-800-288-8281.
  • Office Hours:Monday over Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern standard Time.
  • For Queries: click on

Deer Park Water convenience and Facilities

Deer Park Water in regulating with remarkable dignity and renders sufficient water clinically tested to find belief of consumers. Deer Park Water business is dedicated to distribute one of significant commodity water at pervasive and renders a legitimate support with pondering "Expand Health With tested Water"

Deer Park Water Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Sherrill Baum CallsJun 30, 2016

Ms. Sherrill Baum On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
I recently purchased a case of your assorted Sparkling water and all of the cherry flavored waters were undrinkable. The flavor was very bitter and this flavor is probably my favorite. I was very disappointed that I had to toss one quarter of my case. My mobile phone number is 757-407-1979.

Customer care female
Ms. Benjamin Shewbridge CallsFeb 09, 2016

Ms. Benjamin Shewbridge On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
We are students from Stone Hill Middle School and we are doing a project to help save the Flint Michigan Crisis. We are wondering if you can donate some water bottles to us.

Customer care male
Mr. Rene Mondesir, Jr. CallsOct 14, 2015

Mr. Rene Mondesir, Jr. On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
I had wanted to email;, but I didn't see a usable address. As a long-time user of Deer Park water, I wanted to know if you have any plans to use BPA-free bottles. Unfortunately, I've stopped using your water because it's not clear that your bottles are BPA free. And with current learning, I do not plan to buy anymore. I'm sure I may not be the only one of your customers leaving for that reason. I look forward to your immediate response to this query. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Joanne Weber CallsAug 28, 2015

Ms. Joanne Weber On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
4 times I have called today, only to wait on the line from 8-20 minutes. UGH. My time is valuable, do not feel like hanging on the phone. Waiting on deliver of water since Wed. Still not here. Cannot get any answers from customers service. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER. They miss our July delivery because we are CLOSED on Fridays. SO they rescheduled us for, wait, oh yeah this FRIDAY, right we're closed. Changed it on line and by phone to Wed. STILL NOT HERE. And Guess what, I'm on the phone again waiting and waiting and waiting for a customer service rep to answer.

Customer care female
Ms. Kristine Meichtry CallsApr 08, 2015

Ms. Kristine Meichtry On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
Just a comment about one of your drivers. I was driving into work this morning in Allentown, PA and one of your Deer Park drivers was ridiculous. In the span of three blocks, he managed to blow through a stop sign and cut me off. The drove in front of me down the center of the road, over the dotted white lines so nobody could pass on either side. Lastly, drove through a VERY yellow, just turned red light. His license plate number is (ZF59655, PA)Just thought you should know.

Customer care female
Ms. Taikeisha CallsSep 05, 2013

Ms. Taikeisha On Phone To Deer Park Water Service
first time customer and the services are terrible.My delivery never come on time so many different dates and never show up on time still waiting now,I am switching over to another one a.s.a.p