DHL Global Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 91 22 66789001

  2. Alternative: 954-888-7396

  3. 1200 South Pine Island Road Suite 140-145 Plantation, FL 33324 United States
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Toll free number: 1800 111 345 / 1 800 200 1345
Media Contact Number: +49 228 182 9944
The Group headquarter's headquarters at Bonn may be reached by: +49 (0)228 182-0
Head of stockholder affiliations Phone Number: +49 (0)228 182-63000
For extra support, dial on: 954-888-7396

Basic Overview
DHL is the renowned market leader in logistic corporation. The logistic company exists with the mission to connect people and refine their lives. The industry reach at its goal by uncompromisingly customer-centric and delivery proficiency day in and day out. By driving people together and creating life easier for clients, investors and manpower, company assists create globe a better place. The company concentrates on business and undertakes significant initiatives that ease life and overcome difficulties with excellence.

How To Contact DHL Global Via Message?
Contact us: You can write a text message to DHL Global for any issue through the contact us page of
DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. DHL commits its expertise in international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and.

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DHL Global Online Message/Email Support
Email Service Support: You can send your message to DHL Global through the email provision provided by DHL Global.

Shipment Process
For Shipment: The complete detail about shipment can be availed by the given provision.

DHL is a broadly organised and broadly handled transportation corporation over the globe. this is a business companion of world's biggest postal and transportation corporation, Deutsche Post DHL. corporation along with its varied subdivisions, and beared to generate simple a thorough span of sea and air mail, warehousing and allocation and transmit series resolutions over globe. DHL Global was inaugurated on dated of 1969 with this is head department set-up in Bonn, Germany.