DEEWR Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 1802 102

  2. Head Office Location: Canberra, Australia
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  5. Locations Near You: Find nearby locations of DEEWR
Department’s phone numbers: 1300 555 727
National Relay Service: 1300 555 727

Deewr complaints phone number 1800 805 260
Deewr ess help desk phone number 1800 805 260

Basic Overview
DEEWR is also called The Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The department was opened in 2007, on 3rd December. All employees of the department works together to make productive Australia. The department focuses on several programs including Science awareness programs, Work and family programs, Co-ordination of labour market research, etc. The body provides income support programs for students as well as employment services.

Functions of divisions were confidential as following:

1. DEEWR renders Science information schemes.
2. DEEWR renders work and group practices.
3. DEEWR renders achieving support plans for students.
4. DEEWR renders fundamental and Secondary extent education arrangement.
5. DEEWR renders Coordination of labor mart exploration.
6. DEEWR renders Equal job chances for everyone.
7. DEEWR renders Workplace correspondences policy progress, advocacy and implementation
8. DEEWR also renders Job assistance in Australia.
9. DEEWR also renders initial childhood and childcare practices.
10 DEEWR also aid users with disabilities garner recruitment.

What is DEEWR in the Process of?

DEEWR stands for Department of Education, job and Workplace affiliations. DEEWR was embarked on third December, 2007 and this was disestablished on 13 September, 2013. 4122 workers enacted in DEEWR till April 2013. DEEWR was department of Australian Govt. .