Costco Saskatoon Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1-306- 933-4262

  2. Head Office Location: 115 Marquis Drive Saskatoon SK S7R 1C7, Canada
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Costco Saskatoon Pharmacy Phone Number
Phone Number: +1 306-933-4262
Costco Saskatoon Optical Phone Number
Phone:(306) 933-4262
Costco Saskatoon Photo Lab Phone Number
Call:(306) 933-4262
Costco Saskatoon Tire Centre Phone Number
Telephone Number:+1 306-933-4262
Hearing Aids Phone Number
Phone:(306) 657-1413
Optical Department Contact Number
Phone:(306) 956-1392
Pharmacy Telephone Number
Phone:(306) 956-1391
Tire convenience Centre Phone Number
Phone:(306) 955-5965

Basic Overview
Costco is the leading chain of retail outlets with the network of more than seven hundred retail outlets situated in the different parts of the world. It is membership only warehouse with the mission to make small and medium sized business more profitable by deducting their resale cost. Costco is considered second largest retail chain in the world after Walmart. It mainly carry out Merchandise, cash and carry and warehouse club services. It has presence in countries like Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, United States and so on. There are more than two lakh employees employed with the organization.

What is Costco Saskatoon in the Process of?

Costco Saskatoon retail outlets of Costco Wholesale Corporation that is prominent series of storehouse clubs set-up in US. this embarked its work in 1976 as wholesale distributing corporation with attempts of James Sinegal adn Jeffrey H Brotman. this was entrenched its 1st storehouse club in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. this was obtained by the cost club in 1993 and name was subsequent as PriceCostco. In 1997, this was replaced to Costco Wholesale Corporation.