Cigna Healthspring Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1-855-552-0698

  2. Alternative: 1-800-633-4227

  3. Additional: 1-800-668-3813

  4. Member Administrative Services Cigna-HealthSpring PO Box 20012 Nashville, TN 37202-9919
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Investor affiliations Contact aspect Of Cigna Health Insurance USA

Ted Detrick
Vice President, stockholder Relations
Telephone: 215.761.1414
cigna healthspring provider phone number 1-877-653-0331
cigna healthspring Medicaid phone number 1-877-653-0327
cigna healthspring provider services phone number 1-877-653-0331
cigna healthspring pharmacy phone number 1-877-653-0331
cigna healthspring prior authorization phone number 800-230-6138
cigna healthspring Illinois phone number +1 312-809-1396
cigna healthspring credentialing phone number 1-800-230-6138
cigna healthspring Nashville phone number +1 888-705-2933
cigna healthspring pharmacy help desk phone number 1.800.558.9363
cigna healthspring prior auth phone number 800-230-6138

William McDowell
Financial evaluationSenior Director
Telephone: 215.761.4198

Media Contacts Of Cigna Health Insurance USA

Telephone: 1-860-226-0717

Health Care specialists Contact Of Cigna Health Insurance USA

Telephone: 1.800.882.4462

Cigna incidental, Life and disorder Contact Of Cigna Health Insurance USA

Telephone: 1.800.362.4462

Basic Overview
Cigna Healthspring is one of the health service organization supports Medicaid beneficiaries with their cost-effective health solutions. The association provides a range of options for supporting healthy aging. The main aim of the company is to achieve better health results and satisfy customers by addressing their needs. It is a global health associations desires to improve health and well being of people. Moreover, the company has sales capability in thirty countries and has seventy million customers across the world.

Cigna Healthspring is admitted for presenting health associating assistance. Cigna Healthspring is Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries which instructs to live healthier and more dynamic by employing feasible and simple health care resolutions. Cigna Healthspring acts under Cigna that is a pervasive Health service corporation specializes in medical, disorder, dental and life or casualty insurance. Cigna renders all sorts ofhealth assistance like outpatient care, medical professional visits and health transmits Cigna is a unification of CG (Connecticut common Life Insurance Company) and INA (Insurance corporation of North America).