Cigna Health Insurance Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 1.800.997.1654

  2. 900 Cottage Grove Road Bloomfield, CT 06002, United States
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Cigna health insurance contact number for providers
Telephone: 1.800.433.5768

Cigna health insurance Australia contact number
Telephone: 1.800.433.5768

Customer Care number of Cigna Health Insurance
Telephone: 1.800.244.6224

Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy
Telephone: 1.800.285.4812

Cigna Behavioral Health
Telephone: 1.800.433.5768

Cigna Medicare Advantage
Telephone: 1.800.668.3813

Cigna Prescription Drug Plans
Telephone: 1.800.222.6700

Basic Overview
Cigna is a company that deals with financial services and products. The company was introduced in 1792 as an Insurance company in North America (NIA). The insurance plans and packages of the company are available at best premiums. the company also render Medicare and Medicaid products for the customers. The corporation has a good value of employees that have been recorded 46,000 till 2017. The main products of the insurance company include Health, Group, Disability, Disability and Workers, Life and Accident Insurance and Compensation Case Management. The company recently purchased Express Scripts in $657 billion.

Cigna is a public pervasive Health service corporation of America of America. this was inaugurated on dated 1982. head department of a corporation is set-up in Bloomfield, Connecticut, US.

It is noted as 1st merchandise insurance corporation in the US.