Cho Gao Abu Dhabi Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 9712 6166149

  2. Alternative: 02 6166149

  3. Additional: 971-2-6217444

  4. Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi
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Telephone Number: 02 6166149
Toll Free Number (UAE): 800 555
International Toll Free Number: +971 2 666 4442

Operational Hours
Every day: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Basic Overview
Cho Gao is one of the famous restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The menu is full of delectable dishes and serves with reasonable rates. Cho Gao is unusual restaurant that is adorned with spectacular interiors like hanging lantern. The restaurant serves beer and wine besides Asian dishes. The restaurant has dedicated staff members that assist guests all time and assure that they attain unforgettable experience.

Cho Gao Abu Dhabi is 1st restaurant in United Arab Emirates that is intermingled with ingenious system, potential and make with fruitful concepts and old culture. Cho Gao Abu Dhabi is merely place where users are not permitted to smoke, bar and lobby in Abu Dhabi. Cho Gao Abu Dhabi restaurant is noted as one of astounding and adventurous place where users please their expedition by the means of Asia with a awful assistance and cuisine record which receives its attention from Thailand, Indonesia and China. heart of Cho Gao Abu Dhabi restaurant is free free several sort of drug impression, a particular Asian practice providing overwhelming and stuck constituents made over charming flavors and fragrance searched in East Asian streets.