Chaz And AJ In The Morning Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 203-783-8281

  2. Alternative: +1 877-764-2535

  3. Additional: 203-783-8383

  4. 440 Wheelers Farms Road Suite 302 Milford, CT 06461
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Telephone Number: 203-783-8281/ +1 877-764-2535
Fax Number: 203-783-8383
Sales Contact Number:(203) 783-8247/ 860.243.1115

Imperative phone number of Chaz and AJ In Morning

  • 99.1 PLR Haymond law competition Line: 203-882-9757
  • Chaz and AJ competition Line: 877-R-NICKEL
  • Business Line: 203-783-8200

Basic Overview
Chaz And AJ In The Morning is the famous morning radio show which is broadcast on 99.1 WPLR. The multifaceted radio talk show is broadcasting from Milford, Connecticut. The popular radio talk show is based on comedy and consists of several parts of serious things like interview with great personalities. The radio talk show is rewarded recently 2016 NAB Marconi Award and highly renowned in the community of radio.

Chaz and AJ in Morning is awesome and one of oldest morning radio confer show syllabus on 99. 1 WPLR, that is noted as rocking radio communication invented from Milford, Connecticut. Chaz and AJ In Morning scheme is peculiarly set-up on comedy and fun as this also comprises unusual and outstanding episodes of intense interesting and inspirational. Chaz and AJ In Morning scheme also comprises conversation and questioning and evaluation of few active luminaries like politicians, dominators and poets.