Carefirst Maryland Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 855-444-3122

  2. Alternative: 855-258-6518

  3. Additional: 202-479-8000

  4. Union Center Plaza 840 First Street, NE Washington, D.C. 20065
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Members who bought ACA plans instantly from CareFirst (off exchange): 855-444-3122

Members who bought ACA plans over State sites (on exchange): 855-444-3121

Members with Grandfathered/Non-ACA Plans :800-722-2467

MediGap Members: 800-722-2235

Individual Sales Inquiries: 855-300-7751 / 800-544-8703

Additional support : 711

Individuals shopping for insurance: 855-258-6518

Basic Overview
Carefirst is leading healthcare insurance organization operating near about 3.2 million individuals in Maryland. The association undertaking incredible initiatives assist people to make decision that positively influences lives. The organizations' innate wisdom is to transform healthcare system in order to enrich lives of people. The corporation is striven to offer high standard health care advantages to members and to maximize security and quality of well-being across province.

Carefirst Maryland is a remarkable center that is provisioning Health Insurances Plans to clients which are universally acknowledged and is soundproof to make simple outdo in terms of health plans. Care 1st Maryland materialized in convenience from some decades and are grooming in its 77 Anniversary in 2015. corporation led his inauguration on Maryland and district parts of Columbia Excerpt Of Virginia. at present as fame begins, corporation starts grooming in over realm and universally embraced by consumers.