Canada Post Halifax Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1 800-267-1177

  2. 6175 Almon St Halifax, NS, Canada
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Canada Post Halifax General Enquiries Phone Number:1-800-267-1177
Post Halifax General Enquiries for consumers calling from extrinsic Canada Phone Number:
Post Halifax Hearing Impaired Phone Number:1-800-267-2797

Basic Overview
Canada post was founded on July 1, 1867 and is operated by Canadian government. The organization is providing postal and courier services on both domestic and international level. Enterprise provides high end solutions related to logistics, freight forwarding and courier services. Corporate office situated at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada it has sixty four thousand of employees. It runs other subsidiary that is engaged in providing courier services in Canada provenance with the name of Purolator Inc. Canada post offers postal solutions for both personal and business.

Canada post is postal assistance distributor corporation provides as fundamental postal agent in Canada. postal corporation was inaugurated in 1867 as Royal Mail Canada. this was replaced in 1997 as Canada Post. Canada Post offers outstanding assistance like Courier Express services, Logistics assistance,Freight forwarding assistance, mail assistance and number of more.