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  2. California, USA.
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Toll free - (877) 576-2825 (USA only), / (310) 815-8201
MEDIA INQUIRIES: (310) 815-8201

Basic Overview
California Baby is in to the production and marketing of the high quality baby products. The company was founded in 1995 with the mission to manufacture the non toxic product line for babies. The enterprise is widely known for skin care product ranges that are made with pure ingredients and are ideal for the sensitive skin types. Its product line includes fragrance free shampoo, Eczema cream, bubble bath, diaper rash ointments and so on. Corporate provides the great selections kids as well like everyday lotion, hair conditioner, face wash and so on.

California infant is an on-line store that is particularly involved in furnishing particular shampoo which is highly good for youngsters health and is noted also noted one of the remarkable organizations. corporation was enriched in on dated of 2001 and since afterwards, corporation is monitored as a particular corporation which stands up for a conclusive and unique expedition of providing quality commodities which are immensely astounding for little youngsters. corporation is a private held corporation which has a immense span of ointments commodities accessible for clients at highly feasible tariff. corporation is a eminent in United States of America, as this assistance significant requires of clients for stay up health of their children, as commodities of corporation are tested and do not causer several harm to skin.