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  1. Call at 1-800-231-7937 or 203-294-1648

  2. CD Universe 101 N. Plains Industrial Road Wallingford, CT 06492-5857 USA
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Customer convenience at 800-231-7937
Fax: 203-294-0391

Basic Overview
CD Universe is an online shopping site that markets wide array of commodities such as music CDs, mp3 downloads, video games throughout globe. The renowned online shopping portal started its journey 22 years ago in April 1996, with headquartered positioned in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA. Besides video games and CDs, the workplace is also engaged in marketing multitude variety of products such as jigsaw puzzles, board games, stuffed animals and so on. Furthermore, the online shopping site offers each day cheap prices and a collection of items that are unsurpassed.

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An production made by Charles Beilman in mid 1990's in United States of America with nerve center at Wallingford, Connecticut, America titled as CD Universe. CD Universe monitors over e-commerce monitors business business of vending music CDs, mp3 downloads, pictures, DVDs, Blu-Ray, UMDs, SACDs, DVD-Audio and video games universal. CD Universe documents over 940,000 corporal things including stuffed animals, Jigsaw puzzles, panel games and over 6 million downloadable song numbers. CD Universe with admirable consumer convenience and vindication receiving awards like Bizrate community of Excellence on regular terms.