Brita Filters Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 866-438-3458

  2. Brita LP 1221 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
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Customer convenience Number: 0800 – 200 2000
Customer Support Number: 0800 – 500 19 19
Additional Support Number: 0800 279 4145

Basic Overview
Brita is a German industry that is engaged in manufacturing of water filter innovations. It is deemed as the dominant expert in water optimization processes. The company intended to discover such amazing equipment that improves quality of life and wellness. The corporation supplies its devices in around sixty-six countries which incorporate Switzerland, the United Kingdom, China, etc. The company addresses the requirement of people and striven to design cutting edge commodities to make the world better. The subsidiary sells and designs comprehensive line of devices such as water jugs, kettles and tap accessories with advanced disposable filters.

Brita filter is marvelous production that renders water purifiers and come to be professional in field of it. business of Brita filter was embarked on dated 1966 and questionnaire varied kinds of filtration things that are utilized in households also as further mercantile also as administrative areas. They renders varied kinds of water app things and commodities. Brita filter is production that are inaugurated in Germany and renders outstanding water purifying articles.