Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1-800-492-8872

  2. 450 Riverchase, Parkway East, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, United States
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Blue cross blue shield of Alabama dental contact number
Telephone: 1-888-234-8266

Individual and group Products: 1-888-267-2955
Business and boss Plans: 1-855-525-7283
Account positioned commodities : 1-800-213-7930
All other Blue Cross Members: 1-800-292-8868

Basic Overview
Blue Cross Blue Shield is a non-profit joint venture association that was merged in 1982. Blue Cross Association was set up in 1929. The organization is associated with the insurance companies, health centres and other organizations for better servicing. The organization offers insurance, PPO's and HMO's to the people. The organization has served almost 106 million customers to date. The organization organizes a number of health programs and volunteer services across the USA in order to raise awareness among people and to help needy.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is a not for profit private corporation which renders health insurance assistance for persons, groups and givers of US. this self-reliant licensees of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. this also renders health care coverage to each of its associates and is reputable for presenting them with required health care Perquisites.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama renders varied kinds of health care programs like Health and wellbeing Plans, Health and Dental Plans, exploration program alternatives, Medicare plans, Federal Dental Blue, FEP Blue foresight and number of more for each users and their households.