Bcbs of Connecticut Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1 (800) 922-4670

  2. Alternative: 1-800-233-4947

  3. Additional: 1-800-922-2232

  4. 108 Leigus Rd Wallingford, CT, United States
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  6. Send Message:domain.administrator@wellpoint.com.
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Valuable connecting information - BCBS Of Connecticut

BCBS Of Connecticut, as commanded and principal insurance and health care unit in Rhode Island, US, as health care authority has advice each significant assistance and support with regard to insurance, health care and much more in proviences. Similarly, higher accountable authority of BCBS Of Connecticut has advice significant connecting information, so so that wished clients or users may get all worthwhile information with regard to department. In addition to this, by aid of worthwhile contacts users may comprehend more with regard to support, assistance and support advice by BCBS Of Connecticut. stated are quoted all significant connecting aspect of BCBS Of Connecticut. BCBS Of Connecticut corporation devises infinite array of mediums by that users govern and bearing dazzling effect and answers.
Plans and Benefits Toll Free Telecontact numbers
Member of a Municipality or panel of Education segment Services 1-800-233-4947
Member of State of Connecticut group 1-800-922-2232
Tonik segment Services 1-800-477-4864
Medicare Advantage 1-866-673-4157
Medicare Supplement 1-800-633-6673
Pharmacy 1-800-962-8192
Formulary information line 1-877-468-5279

Basic Overview
BCBS of Connecticut is an insurance company that covers 34 million members in 14 states under various plans. The insurance company has devised plans that suits individuals and families. Insurance company offers healthcare insurance plans that cover all risk areas of life and provides all needed assistance in case of medical emergency. BCBS renders dental care and medicaid insurance plans also to eligible members. The insurance company facilitate members with multiple online services and assures financial benefits also.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield helps to generate simple health insurance programs for users in US. BCBS Of Connecticut was inaugurated in 1929 for presenting health care assistance. BCBS Of Connecticut corporation renders outstanding programs for users and households like Medicare, Dental, foresight and others. health insurance programs instructs to shield number of costs for users like medicine, vaccine, prescript and number of more.