Bauer Canada Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1(450)-436-2292

  2. Alternative: +1(888)-734-0443

  3. 905, Chemin De La Riviere, Du Nord St Jerome Quebec J7y 5g2, Canada
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Bauer hockey canada phone number
Telephone: +1 450-939-6900

Contact Information of Bauer Canada

Toll Free Number: +1(888)-734-0443
Alternate Number: 1-800-362-3146
Alternate Number: 888-734-0443

Basic Overview
Bauer is an American based industry that manufactures sports goods from its origin that was in 1927. The industry is renamed by Nike Bauer in 2005 that ended in 2008. The company offers best and standard featured sporting and recreational goods to the clients and distributors. The location where head office of the company is available is Exeter, NH. The products of the brand Bauer includes ice hockeys, inline skaters and many more. Bauer changed its parent company that became Peak Achievement Athletics Inc. in 2017.

Bauer is America based ICE Hockey gadget producing corporation which was launched in 1927. head department of corporation is set-up in Exeter, New Hampshire, US. corporation manufactures varied kinds of sports devices and garments like sticks, trousers, helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, ice boots, shin guards, skates and much more commodities. Bauer company mainly admitted for producing ice hockey apparatus.