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  1. Call at +49 8252 97-0

  2. BAUER AG BAUER-Straße 1 86529 Schrobenhausen, Germany
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Customer convenience Number: 1-800-362-3146
General Queries: 1-800-268-5828
US residents: 1-800-362-3146

Basic Overview
Bauer is the sports equipment manufacturer of America and is operating as the subsidiary of the Peak Achievement Athletics Inc. The company has establishment in Kitchener, Ontario, 1927 and is headquartered at Exeter, NH, United States. Bauer is presently known as Nike Bauer has exceptional experience in producing the high range of ice hockey equipments, inline skates, apparel, fitness and other products. It is also into the manufacturing of gloves, helmets, recreational skates, pants, shin guards, sticks and so on.

The Bauer is Germany set-up Building corporation and its head department are set-up at Schrobenhausen, Germany. Bauer is a public corporation in terms of its business and mercantile business stands next to about construction area over globe. Bauer is an intercontinental building and gadget built-up concern in midst of further than 110 ancillaries in a quantity of seventy kingdoms providing assistance, apparatus and yields for ground and groundwater. operations are alienated addicted to Three major regulating subdivision that are Production, Paraphernalia and Resources.