BCBS Medical Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 888-630-BLUE (2583)

  2. 225 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60601 US
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  4. Send Message:socialmedia@bcbsa.com.
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Health Care Fraud: 1-800-337-8440

Basic Overview
BCBS stands for Blue Cross and Blue Shield that is a non profit organization introduced in 1929. The organization provides its health care services and insurance plans. The company is associated with the number of health centers, pharmacies and clinics. The medical services of the organization are operated by the specialists and professional health providers. The company operates its volunteer programs for the awareness of youth and helps of needy people. The organization also render career making opportunities with good packages.

BCBS health is generally called as Blue Cross and Blue Shield that is an organization of thirty-six personalized provincial also as federal embarked Blue Cross and Blue Shield industries. 1st concern of BCBS Medical auxiliary is to make simple broadly being facilities for overhead 106 million Americans over fifty counties. civilized of BCBS health set up on dated of 1910. BCBS corporation renders a array of insurance schemes and things to globe.