BCBS MA Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at (617) 246-5000

  2. Landmark Center 401 Park Drive Boston, MA 02215 United States
  3. Directions: Follow the directions to locate BCBS MA
  4. Send Message:pr@bcbsma.com.
  5. Contact Person is Tina Nguyen
  6. Locations Near You: Find nearby locations of BCBS MA
Institutional (billing with a UB-04): 1-800-451-8123
Ancillary Institutional: 1-800-451-8124

Basic Overview
Blue Cross Blue Shield is the leading health insurance organization of the Massachusetts and has corporate establishment based at Boston. The organization initiated its journey from 1988 and is placed as one of the largest health insurance association in the county with the membership base of 2.8 million people. With employees more than three thousand people the company is widely active in marketing campaigns and has joined the Hands with the hubway for six years marketing deal. The organization provides the services throughout the Massachusetts.

BCBS stands for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and is merely civilized which has launched its sub centers in each states of America of America. BCBS civilized although was embarked on dated 1929, although with support of participants and federations center was totally embarked on dated 1938. Blue Cross Blue Shield civilized is a health insurance corporation of Massachusetts and Scott Serota is president of corporation bearing almost eight hundred eighty workers. corporation was entrenched on dated 1929 bearing its major head department in Michigan Plaza Chicago, Illinois.