BCBS Insurance Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 888-630- 2583

  2. Michigan Plaza, Chicago, Illinois
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  4. Send Message:socialmedia@bcbsa.com.
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Customer convenience Number: 1-800-337-8440

Basic Overview
BCBS is an association which is basically the federation of thirty-six independent USA based health insurance organizations. The leading health insurance reform furnishes insurance policies to around 106 million residents in USA. Blue Cross established 1929 and became trustworthy organization since 1960 where as Blue Shield originated in 1939. The two associations combined in the year of 1982 and takes strong initiatives that reaches association at its zenith. Apart from this, the association takes corporate accountability efficiently and develop programs that effects community positively.

BCBS Insurance is Health Insurance production that was inaugurated on dated 1929. major department of BCBS Insurance is set-up at Michigan Plaza, Chicago, Illinois. BCBS Insurance renders health insurance programs with regard to 100 million clients in America. BCBS Insurance assured users to renders health insurance provision with regard to 106 million persons next to about 50 nations.