Avid Pro Tools Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 978-640-6789

  2. 75 Network Drive Burlington, MA 01803 United States
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Avid Pro Tools General Information Contact Numbers
Customers can use the given phone numbers to speak to customer service representatives for any support:
Customer convenience Number: +1-650-731-6300
Additional Phone Number: +1 978-275-2476

Basic Overview
Avid Pro Tools is a music software designed to meet needs of music composers and performers. Software allows to create varied types of audio clip using Mac or PC system. Software allows to create thousands of sound effects, sound processing and utility plug-ins. Avid Pro Tools provide services for live performance. The innovative software can be utilized for multiple types of sound recording and sound production purposes. The advanced software also provides 1 GB of cloud storage to store music files and also equipped to plug in multiple devices for better musical performance.

Avid Pro gizmos is commodity of Avid Audio that is a digital audio technology corporation of America of America. this was inaugurated on dated 1984. The founding fathers of corporation are Evan Brooks and Peter Gotcher who each were electric engineering and computer science students. head department of corporation is set-up in Daly City, California, US.