Arizona Public Service Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: Phoenix ero;602-371-717

  2. Alternative: Oher areas

  3. Additional: +1-800-253-9405

  4. 400 N 5th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Arizona public service company phone number
Telephone: +1 520-364-4451

Arizona public service emergency number
Telephone: 800-253-9405

24x7 Hours consumer Care Center: 602-371-7171
Outside metro-Phoenix: 800-253-9405
For Phoenix-metro Customers: 602-371-5775

Basic Overview
Arizona Public Service is a largest electric production and distribution centre of USA. The company was started in 1885. The company renders its services and supplies under registration and trade mark of NYSE. The company offers its online services for emergencies and billing processes. The parent company of the utility is Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (formerly named AZP Group). The main production plant is handled by professionals.

Arizona Public convenience is power corporation providing over one million clients nesting in Arizona. this is a principal department of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation that generates 4,000 MW of electricity transmitting to Phoenix metropolitan area and further areas like Flagstaff, Yuma, Douglas and Prescott. this marvellous public utility in Arizona. power raising provisions of Arizona Public convenience include coal-fueled power plants, natural gas plants, and nuclear raising plants.