Arizona DES Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1 602 542 4791

  2. Alternative: (877) 767-2385

  3. 1717 West Jefferson, Room 119, Site Code 050Z-1 Phoenix, Arizona 85007 United States
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Adult Protective Services: (877) 767-2385
Child Care: (602) 542-4248
Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program: (602) 351-2245
Developmental Disabilities: (602) 542-0419
Human Resources Administration: (602) 771-2870
Medical Assistance:(855) 432-7587
Arizona Des office phone number (602) 364-0170
Arizona Des interview phone number 602) 417-7100 (800) 654-8713
Arizona Des unemployment phone number(602) 364-2722
Arizona Des child support phone number (602) 252-4045
Des mesa arizona phone number (855) 432-7587
Des prescott arizona phone number (602) 364-2722
Des yuma arizona phone number +1 928-247-8760

Basic Overview
Arizona Des abbreviated as department of economic security is the government body with corporate office based at Phoenix, Arizona. The organization was formed in 1972. The aim of the department is to work continuously with families, organizations and communities for the welfare of Arizona State. The department provides the assistance in regard with basic needs, disability, employment services and so on in order to make both families and individuals strong to enhance their self sufficiency in every aspect.

The Arizona Department of economic security (DES) is state govt. bureau which conserves appropiate of users and renders them number of social support assistance. this carries head department set-up in Arizona, US. department renders number of assistance like Child Support assistance, Aging and Adult assistance, progressal Disabilities assistance, Rehabilitation assistance and number of others.