Aramex Dubai Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +971 4 2118464

  2. P.O. Box 95946, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Aramex Dubai Customer convenience Number: +971 4 2821115
Aramex Dubai Office Contact Number +971 (4) 4239600
Aramex Dubai Pick Up Number +971 600 544000
Aramex Dubai Toll Free Number +971 4 2821115

Basic Overview
Aramex is UAE based logistic and transportation company that was established in 1982. Started as express operator the company has significantly grown and has become the global leaders in in logistics. The company is known for their technology advancements and innovations. It provides wide array of customer centered services that include international and domestic courier services, logistics and freight forwarding. The organisation is also into the document management, retail and e- commerce services. The Arab based corporate is committed to provide excellent services to its domestic and international customers.

Aramex is pervasive distributor of logistics and transportation resolutions which was inaugurated in 1982 as an Express operator by hard acts of Fadi Ghandour, co-Founder and Director of MENA undertaking Investments under name "ARab AMerican Express”. corporation was re-named as “Aramex” and renders an inclusive logistics and transportation resolutions. Aramex is engrossed with presenting varied logistics resolutions, for example, logistics and warehousing assistance, universal and local express delivery, on-line shopping assistance, shipment forwarding, e-business resolutions, documents and information supervision resolutions, to pander to logistic requires of outstanding users and corporations as distant and boundless as attainable. corporation conveys an ingenious and tactical resolutions to its clients in almost 354 locations over 60 European, North American, Asian, Central America, Middle East, and African nations round globe.