Anthem Blue Cross Ohio Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1 (513) 336-2870

  2. Alternative: 1-800-262-7890

  3. Additional: 1-888-550-2583

  4. 4361 Irwin Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040, United States
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Anthem Blue Cross Ohio Pharmacy Phone Number: 1-888-809-6084
Plans (under age 65): 1-844-290-7584
Medicare Supplement and Medicare edge Plans: 1-855-731-1091
Medicare segment D Plans: 1-855-745-4394
Employer Plans: 1-866-870-1780

Other significant Numbers Of Anthem Blue Cross

To comprehend with regard to further units clients may call significant number subsequent below:
  • FEP BlueVision: 1-888-550-2583
  • Davis foresight rebate Program: 1-800-551-3337
  • Contact Lens replacements: 1-800-536-7123
  • Blue Health Connection: 1-888-Blue 432 or 1-888-258-3432
  • Home Delivery medicine Orders: 1-800-262-7890
  • Retail Pharmacy:1-800-624-5060
  • Blue favored HMO – Missouri: 1-888-811-2092
  • Anthem Blue Cross HMO – California: 1-800-235-8631

Customer convenience Numbers and Web Mail addresses Of Anthem Blue Cross In US

Customers may forward their claims on Web Mail addresses or may dial instantly to consumer care representative on stated subsequent phone numbers:
StateFederal consumer convenience contact numberWhere to forward a claim
California1-800-284-9093/1-800-824-8839Anthem Blue Cross
PO Box 70000 Van Nuys, CA 91470 Attn: FEP Claims
Colorado1-800-852-5957P.O Box 105557 Atlanta, GA 30348-5557
Georgia 1-800-282-2473PO Box 105557 Atlanta, GA 30348-5557
Ohio 1-800-451-7602P.O Box 105557 Atlanta, GA 30348-5557
Indiana 1-800-382-5520 P.O Box 105557 Atlanta, GA 30348-5557
New Hampshire 1-800-852-3316 P.O Box 105557 Atlanta, GA 30348-5557

Anthem blue cross ohio provider phone number 800-727-2227
Anthem blue cross ohio precertification phone number 800-232-2345
Anthem blue cross blue shield ohio precertification phone number 800-722-4714
Anthem blue cross blue shield of ohio provider services phone number 800-922-3242

Basic Overview
Leading health and life insurance organization of United States is operating as a part of Blue cross blue shield. The largest nonprofit company was established on 1940 and has established the headquarters at Indiana United States with over fifty thousand employees. Reputed managed healthcare organization has estimated the revenue of US$ 90.039 billion with US$ 70.540 billion assets. Anthem existed after the successful merger of two companies named Anthem and well point health networks inc. It offers wide range of Affiliated insurance plans.

Anthem Blue Cross renders health insurance assistance which was launched by Leslie Margolin in 1980 in US. clients may also outlet varied kinds of insurance programs like dental plans, foresight plans, Medicare solutions and others. this renders on-line way for clients to check qualification, claims, certifications and number of more by accessing their own account. this provides users and households by sheltering their prescript and health costs as per their insurance plans.