Annas Linens Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1(714)-850-0504

  2. Alternative: +1(866) 266-2728

  3. 3550 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, California 92626, United States of America
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Alternate consumer convenience Phone Number: +1 (714) 850-0504

Basic Overview
Annas Linens was a retailing company of America that was introduced in 1987 by Alan Gladstone. the company was dealing with textiles and furniture. The company stopped servicing and production in 2015 due to unknown circumstances.

Anna Linens is the America based corporation which manufactures boundless array of furniture and home devices and adorned equipments. this was inaugurated in 1987 and this is centered in Los Angeles, California, US. corporation manufactures boundless array of commodities like blankets, bed pillows, kitchen curtains, blinds and shades, valances, bedspreads, bath towels, bath carpets, furniture, fans, water coolers and much more. corporation has beyond 250 retail outlets set-up over America to distribute its commodities.