Andersen Doors Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1-888-888-7020

  2. Alternative: 1-800-426-4261.

  3. Andersen Corporation 100 4th Ave N Bayport, MN 55003 United States Bayport, Minnesota, Andersen Corporation
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Dealer Information: 1-800-426-4261
Main Office: 651-264-5150
Media Inquiries: 651-264-2930

Basic Overview
Andersen Corporation, which was founded on July 25, 1903, is an international enterprise that manufactures doors and windows. The company is headquartered at Bayport, Minnesota, United States. As of 2018, the employees working in the company are about 12,000 in number. They are spread across more than 30 company owned retail locations, manufacturing and logistic centers. Under various names like Andersen, American Craftsman, Weiland, EMCO, etc doors and window products are manufactured and marketed by Andersen Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Andersen Doors is a private possessed business arose on dated 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen Andersen Corporation includes Andersen Windows and Doors recurrence by Andersen windows and doors, Andersen door reinstatement resolutions, American Craftsman windows and doors and much more. Corporation got a broadly fame for its compelling history and commitment of business partners, workers, community and much more. over 9 thousand workers work in Andersen Corporation and markets commodities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Andersen corporation got huge cost of fame in United Kingdom, Russia, China, Japan and in number of further nations.