Anchorage Alaska Dmv Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1 (907) 269-5551

  2. 517, West 7th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501, Alaska, United States
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Director: (907) 269-5559
Deputy Director: (907) 269-5559
Contract Services/Dealer/Correspondence department Manager: (907) 269-5583
Anchorage Driver Services: (907) 269-3770
Dealer and armada assistance department Manager: (907) 269-3755

Basic Overview
Anchorage Alaska DMV, is a government department also known as department of motor vehicle that operates various services to vehicle owners and drivers. The department offers facilities of vehicle permits, driving licenses, online registration of vehicles and much more. The department is also authorized to conduct driving test and other services. Anchorage Alaska Dmv has very active online portal that allows users to book test for driving license. In addition to this department also offers facilities to file vehicle documentation fees and other taxes easily.

The department of Motor broadly admitted as Dmv is a not for profit state extent govt. bureau accountable for vehicle enrollment and driver licensing in US. this acts under 'Department of Transportation' and renders outstanding on-line assistance like vehicle enrollment, recurrence of vehicle license, motorists license, auto insurance, give citation, Identification cards, titles and Vehicle Tags and much more. this is also accountable for supervision of federal and state laws and beacon for motor cars.