Amtrak Guest Rewards Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 1-800-307-5000

  2. Post Office Box 14368, Philadelphia PA 19115, United States
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Amtrak guest rewards select phone number 1-800-307-5000
Amtrak guest rewards select plus phone number 1-800-307-5000

Basic Overview
Amtrak is the name given to the national road passenger corporation is the rail service organization that operates the train services in forty eight adjoining American States including three Cities of Canada. Founded on May 1, 1971 it offers services to approximately five hundred destinations. The corporation is best known for running various reward programs that are awarded to the frequent Amtrak travelers that includes free travel, free hotel stay and so on. The passengers are given points for using rail services within ninety days.

Amtrak Guest reward is a sort of fidelity scheme that is being advice in questionnaire of fidelity card, prizes card or points card. cardowners receives many merits under Guest reward scheme like rebate on present-day purchase, free Amtrak travel on beyond 1500 points, Hotel stays at or overhead 5,000 points and car rentals merits overhead 6000 points and much more. One may gain bouns points over subsequent ways- 2 points per $1 disbursed on Amtrak travel, 500 points with each Acela business class travel or by staying in one of its hotel partners like Hilton Hotels, Hertz and Teleflora, clients may accumulate apparent points. outstanding kinds of elect executive associateship reward merits are recorded as unlimited purchase and share points, no annual transfer points limits, reach to outstanding occasions and exclusionary redemption, auto-registration for promotions and number of other.