Amica USA Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1 800-282-6422

  2. 2180, Satellite Boulevard, Suite 350 Duluth, GA 30097-4939, Georgia, United States
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For Roadside Assistance: 866-286-9968

For commodity Information, quotations and Sales

Auto, Home, naval and personal Umbrella: 800-242-6422
Spanish-speaking Representative: 844-389-0432
Life Insurance and Retirement: 800-619-6077
Structured Settlements: 800-234-5433

For consumer Service/Claims Reporting

Auto, Home, naval and personal Umbrella: 800-242-6422
Life Insurance and Retirement: 800-234-5433

For Automated invoice information and Account Inquiry

Auto, Home, naval and personal Umbrella: 800-492-6422

Basic Overview
Amica is the insurance company of United Sates based at Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States is in operation since from 1907. The enterprise was founded by A.T. Vigneron and has the specialization in offering auto, home and life insurance product ranges. The enterprise is considered as one of the oldest insurance solution providers of United States and has built up the solid financial stability with estimated value of assets of $5.1 billion. The enterprise is providing services through various subsidiaries like Amica life insurance, Mutual insurance and so on.

Amica shared Insurance is a federal Insurance and fiscal assistance corporation set-up in US. this was embedded in 1907 by A. T. Vigneron in Providence, Rhode Island in America to generate simple auto, fire and theft insurance assistance at its 1st stage.