American Kennel Club Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1(919)-233-9767

  2. 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, North Carolina 27617-3390, United States
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American Kennel Club Operation Center Number: 919.233.9767
AKC Headquarters Phone Number: 212.696.8200
American kennel club registration phone number 919-233-9767
American bully kennel club phone number +1 540-693-1374

Basic Overview
American Kennel Club is most commonly known as AKS is the registered pedigree club inn Untied states that was established in 1884. The club has the huge varieties of purebred dogs the club acts as the largest nonprofit organization for the register of the different purebred dogs. The owners of the Dogs are also supposed to get registered with AKC. This organization serves as one of the most influential club in United States. The dog breeds are segmented into seven divisions by AKC some of them includes sporting and hund group, etc.

The American Kennel Club, acronymed as Akc is a self reliant authority that is enrolled for breeding, exhibitng and publicity of purebred dog pedigrees or beyond one breed of dog in US. Its Roots can be traced in National Greyhound Association (NGA). prominent corporation to stimulating breeders, AKC was launched on dated of 1884 on September, 17. this is an melding of numerous leagues including Canadian leagues (3), American leagues (10) and breed leagues (13).