American General Life Insurance Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 (713) 522-1111

  2. Alternative: 1 (713) 522-8522

  3. 2727 Allen Pkwy Ste A Houston, TX 77019-2116
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  5. Contact Person is Mary Jane B. Fortin
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Life Insurance Customers: 800-888-2452
Accident and Health Customers: 800-811-2696
Variable pervasive Life Customers: 800-340-2765
Policies Beginning with 582: 888-565-3769
Policies Beginning with 130: 800-710-9876
Private Client Group: 844-447-5296
Warranty Home preservation Plan: 1-800-480-5153

Basic Overview
American General Life Insurance is an insurance subsidiary in United States offers a range of insurance policies. The insurance corporation manages operations in more than eight countries. Every branch of the corporation is equipped with qualified and skilled employees who provides complete information regarding insurance services. It provides its services through multiple branches established throughout the world. The corporation offers retirement insurance, life insurance and property insurance.

American common Life Insurance is a marvelous top trained covered policy distributor of America of America. American common Life Insurance renders their clients not merely life insurances although also further kinds of plans that comprises income, home loans, car loans, saving accounts, health insurance, academic loans, and much more. American common Life Insurance renders their assistance under correlated organizations of America including American common Life organizations, Western interstate, and much more. American common Life Insurances plans are handled by Sun America Financial Group and also carries up operations of the American International Group Life and Retirement Policy asset corporation.