American Express Singapore Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1800 299 1997

  2. Alternative: 6396 6000.

  3. Crawford Post Office, PO Box 852, Singapore 911912
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American express singapore corporate card contact number
Telephone: +65 6507 7599
American express singapore office phone number
Telephone: +65 6396 6000
American Express® corporeal Card Programme
Telephone: 6507 7599
American Express® True money Back Card
Telephone: 1800 295 0500
Platinum Credit Card
Telephone: 1800 396 6000
American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card
Telephone: 1800 392 1181
American Express® CapitaCard
Telephone: 1800 723 1339

Basic Overview
American Express is a financial corporation that started its journey in 1850 in New York City. the American multinational business is serving publicly and is trade marked entity. The banking business that stands for all categories of citizens of USA with equality. The banking services of the company includes accounts for personal and business savings. the products of the company includes Charge cards, Credit cards, Traveler's cheques and Corporate banking. the customers that are account holders of banking company can use their cards for payments, billings and many more purposes all across the globe.

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American Express Company is an America set-up banking and fiscal center that is centered in Buffalo, New York. this was inaugurated on dated 1850 as an Express Mail through unification of Wells and corporation, Wells, Butterfield and corporation, Livingston, Fargo and corporation. this broadened its business in grounds of fiscal assistance in 1882. American Express Company is well-known admitted for traveler's cheque businesses, charge card and credit card.