American Express Australia Limited Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +61 2 9271 2945 Fax No: + 61 2 9271 2524

  2. Level 17, 175, Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, New South Wales, Australia
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Lost or filched Cards: 1300 132 639
American Express Explorer Credit Card: 1800 059 388
Velocity Gold Card: 1300 366 105
Velocity Platinum Card: 1300 366 105
Velocity Escape Card: 1300 366 105

Basic Overview
American Express is a financial institute that was started as Amex in USA in 1850. The financial and banking company is serving customers of worldwide. The company offers its services and products including Charge cards, Credit cards, Traveler's cheques and Corporate banking. The corporation operates its online and internet banking services for the customers. The company operates its number of branch offices across the globe. The cards of the company can be used for multiple payments and billings services.

American Express Company acronymed as Amex is an universal fiscal assistance presenting corporation set-up in US. corporation materialized into existence on dated 1850 as an Express Mail services presenting corporation under title of American Express Company in Buffalo, New York in US. this has been replaced as American Express Banking Corporation shortened as “AEBC” at conclusion of its was re-established as a joint merchandise corporation subsequent a unification of Three financial centers namely, Fargo and corporation, Wells and corporation, Livingston, and Wells, Butterfield and corporation. this is regulating under marque name “American Express”.